1.3. randomcoord.erl

1.3.1. Tsung Exports

Functions exported by the randomcoord module callable by Tsung

  • rcoord_array/1
  • url/1 rcoord_array/1

Function rcoord_array/1 return a tuple of coordinates {Lat, Lon}, Lat and Lon are float values.

Paramaters : classical tuple of tsung datas {Pid, DynVars}

Return : float tuple

10> randomcoord:rcoord_array({Pid, ts_dynvars:new()}).
["70.205974","33.121879"] rcoord_array/4

Parameters : Left, Bottom, Right, Top

Return : array of float

Return an array of 4 value representing a bbox

1.3.2. Other exports

Functions exported by the randomcoord module not callable in a Tsung scenario

  • rcoord/0
  • rcoord/1
  • rcoord/2
  • rcoord/4

1.3.3. Geolocalized randoms

It is possible to specify country in DynVars to reduce the random size, this is done by define a DynVars called country in your scenario. Countries already defined

  • France
  • Germany
  • Portugal
  • Spain Define a new country

It’s easy as create a new function rcoord/1 with the country name as paramater, and return the value of rcoord/4 with the desired bbox.

In the following example the country name is groland which is defined by 7.14,42.84,14.07,56.84